2014 Capital Project – FAQs

Preserving our resources and preparing for our students’ future.


Why doesn’t the District just include these items in the annual budget?

By creating a Capital Project from the work that needs to be done, the District will receive 78¢ back on every dollar spent.  Without that reimbursement from NY State, the entire cost would rest with the tax-payers.


How much will this project raise my taxes?

For property of $100,000, with STAR the annual cost will be $27.


On Proposition 2, the cost for bathrooms seems high.  Why is that?

The “Showers in changing rooms” is a bit misleading.  There will be an entirely NEW part of the building built off the front of the Civic Center.  It will contain a full set of locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers.  These don’t exist at the civic center right now, and we know that out-of-town groups have decided not to come to Tupper Lake for that reason.


Will there be any surprise costs after the voting?

No.  We are asking the voters to approve the maximum borrowing that is needed for this project.  The cost can only be lowered after the vote.


Does this project contain everything?

No.  The original project contained almost $13 million of improvements.  The scope of the project was significantly reduced to lessen the tax impact.  Only things that relate to health/safety, ADA compliance, energy efficiency, restoration, and preservation were left in the final scope of the  project.


Are the items listed in the Scope of Work in priority order?

No.  If passed, all of the items listed in the Scope of Work will be completed.


Are the items listed in the Scope of Work complete descriptions?

Generally, yes.  Printing space was a limiting factor.  A good example of this is at LP Quinn “- Create private new entrance for students to counselor office”.  The complete version of this item will also satisfy a NYS Education Department requirement for test security and storage.  We might have listed that item separately.



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